Alternatives To Canada Post


Alternatives To Canada Post In Canada:

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough being a Canadian online business that ships to the United States, made it even more difficult for sellers to get the merchandise to the customers that have purchased it. That’s why many online sellers are looking for an alternative to Canada Post.


As you know, Canada Post charges quite a bit to include USA tracking so most items sent from Canada to the US do not ship with a tracking number. If each and every item that you shipped had to include a tracking number, the price of shipping would become so high that you would either have to increase your shipping costs to an outrageous amount, or raise the prices on your inventory to make up for it. Now, that’s precisely what Amazon wants you to start doing.’s  New Shipping Policy: announced a policy for all sellers that require them to have a tracking number attached to their product almost all of the time. Amazon has put this policy into effect in February of 2016 and you will have to provide tracking numbers to your buyers on everything except freight shipments or for the Standard or First Class mail envelopes.


The reason for the sudden insistence upon tracking numbers is that they believe that it will both cut down on returned products due to defective merchandise and minimize phone calls from buyers asking why their purchase hasn’t arrived in the mail. This is particularly true from Canada because they do not have USA tracking like the American shipping services usually do.


Amazon notifies sellers that the major delivery organizations already provide tracking numbers free-of-charge and that’s fine for sellers in the U.S. but in Canada, the only option many people know about is Canada Post and tracking numbers make it prohibitively expensive to ship, which will cause sellers to struggle.


Chit Chats Express provides Tracking to the US from Canada:


That’s why Chit Chats Express has stepped in to offer Canadian sellers who are shipping to the United States the ability to include a USA tracking number at a much lower rate than you can get through Canada Post. If you have been wondering what alternatives to Canada Post were out there, we’re at the top of the list. If you’re looking for tracking to the US then you’ll want to check out what we have to offer, and I know you’ll find that there is no better alternative to Canada Post than Chit Chats Express.


That’s because we know what Amazon sellers need. While we have the ability to ship all kinds of items, we concentrate on helping Canadian sellers ship items to the United States, including tracking to the US of merchandise with affordable tracking numbers. We care about your business and we want to be your partner in getting sold items to your customers on time, without you having to spend so much on shipping that your prices have to be jacked up. If you sell items to the US and you are dreading this new change last February, give us a call and see what we can work out for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, we guarantee it.

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