A Canadian family run company comes to the rescue of online retailers




‘A Canadian family run company comes to the rescue of online retailers that could be left in the lurch in the event of a Canada Post strike/lockout’ 

While Canada Post has been hoping to avoid the potential July 2nd lock out/strike, it isn’t looking good.  An enterprising family-run Canadian business has been taking a hands on approach to helping Canadian e-tailers sidestep Canada Post and provide lower-cost shipping to the US.  For the past 15 years, Chit Chats Express has been quietly driving Canadian customers’ parcels across the border 6 days a week.  Their destination?  The United States Postal Service.


With online sales reaching new highs, a Canada Post strike/lockout will have a major impact on Canadian e-tailers as they cannot afford to suspend shipping.  While companies like FedEx and Purolator may come to mind as options, they typically also come with a hefty price tag, which would leave many small businesses in the red.   Canadian businesses are now on a quest to find a reliable, economical alternative to Canada Post.


President of Chit Chats Express, Carly Wood talks about how their company has evolved from one rickety green Suzuki station wagon, to a full service shipping company with 6 locations,  Canada-wide. “We ran a bookstore back then (2001) and we just could not afford the cross-border postage costs, so out of necessity my Dad started driving to the US to drop off mail,” Wood says.  Word soon spread and the family’s station wagon was overflowing with parcels from a range of local businesses.  “We quickly evolved; got a fleet of cube vans to expedite deliveries and began focusing solely on helping Canadian e-tailers and small businesses save money, hassle and time on US deliveries,” says Wood.  “The success of Chit Chats Express is a testament to her late Father, Derek Nolan’s enthusiasm for helping e-commerce businesses succeed and his straightforward and cheerful spirit,” she says.


As a result, Chit Chats Express has helped Canadian e-tailers circumvent bureaucracy and benefit from shorter cross-border delivery times and tax & duty-free shipping.  Most compelling of all, customers like eBay based Retro Heads and electronics retailer Alectron save an average 70% on shipping, compared to traditional Canada Post business rates.  “It is hard for Canadian retailers to compete against US-based e-stores who benefit from lower US Postal Service costs and faster shipping times,” explains Wood.  “Chit Chats Express helps level the playing field so Canadian e-tailers can fight the status quo and ship to the USA more easily and at a much lower cost.  We’ve become a one-stop cross-border shipping shop because of our commitment to cutting the bureaucracy, hassle and costs that make it hard for Canadian e-tailers to succeed in the US,” she says.


It is clear, another strike or lockout by Canada Post will have a negative impact on Canadian businesses.  Fortunately, there are alternatives out there and perhaps a silver lining.  As Canadian online retailers investigate ways to avoid delivery delays in the event of a strike, what they might end up discovering is a reliable, cost-effective  alternative to Canada Post that is in it for the long haul.




Chit Chats Express is a 100% Canadian owned & operated company, with locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Nova Scotia.  Since 2001, Chit Chats Express has been helping Canadian businesses and e-tailers reduce their shipping costs and improve service to the USA and abroad.  Chit Chats Express drivers make delivery runs across the border six days a week saving Canadian businesses an average 70% on shipping costs, compared to Canada Post business rates.  Learn more about Chit Chats Express fulfillment, shipping and delivery services by visiting www.chitchatsexpress.com  Stay up to date by joining the community at  www.facebook.com/chitchatsexpresscanada/  Watch us on You Tube.




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