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Alternatives To Canada Post

  Alternatives To Canada Post In Canada: As if it wasn’t already difficult enough being a Canadian online business that ships to the United States, made it even more difficult for sellers to get the merchandise to the customers that have purchased it. That’s why many online sellers are looking for an alternative to Canada Post.   As you know, Canada Post charges quite a bit to include USA tracking so most items sent from Canada to the US do not ship with a tracking number. If each and […]

Merchants shipping USPS from Canada

Shipping USPS from Canada: Choosing to become an online merchant allows your Canadian business to go beyond boundaries in a global marketplace. Many challenges will arise when selling your products online from buying packaging materials, incurring courier fees and fuel expenses, shipping services can be expensive. Of course, the more online merchants in Canada spend trying to deliver purchased items to customers, the lower their profit margins become. Finding a solution to lower shipping costs is major priority for small to medium sized online Canadian merchants. One way of lowering the cost of shipping goods […]