Introducing Cubic Shipping!!


Did you know there is a way you can save even more with Chit Chats Express?

So, what is cubic shipping?  The United States Postal Service(USPS) offers significantly discounted rates for heavier packages that meet specific cubic dimension requirements, regardless of their weight (up to 20Lbs). This means customers will pay shipping costs for the actual size of the package and the shipping distance, instead of its weight.   However, many customers find meeting these requirements difficult and confusing.  So, we have partnered with USPS and designed specialized Chit Chats Express USPS Priority boxes that conform to their specific cubic shipping dimensions requirements.  Taking the guesswork out of cubic shipping!!

For example,  if you were to ship a camera (approx. 4 lbs) to Los Angeles CA using regular USPS shipping it would cost $15.76 USD but if you used one of our Chit Chats Express cubic shipping boxes, it would cost you only $7.09 USD….that’s over 50% savings!!

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