Can I print US postage from home or at the office?

Yes, we can set you up with the ability to print discounted USPS postage at your home or office.


What features do i get with a enterprise account?


How do I link my ecommerce store with


Can I print US postage on-site at one of Chit Chats store locations?

Yes, we have self serve terminals available for postage printing and Customs manifesting.


Will I be able to track my US bound packages with USPS?

Yes, USPS tracking is available on most mail classes, including First Class and Priority.


Can Chit Chats pick up my postage paid packages from my home or office?

Chit Chats does offer a pick up service* Please contact us to confirm availability in your area as well as minimum volume requirements. (Conditions Apply*)


How often does Chit Chats deliver to USPS?

Chit Chats delivers directly to USPS six days a week – Monday through Saturday.


How long will it take for my package to reach its destination?

USPS First Class and Priority packages destined for a US address take approximately 2 to 4 business days for delivery.

Canadian shipments sent via our flat rate Canadian service take 2 to 8 days for delivery.

Packages shipped via our non-tracked flat rate international service are delivered within 7 to 20 business days. Very remote destinations may take longer.


Can I ship US UPS or US FedEx with Chit Chats?

Yes you can. Bring us your postage paid US UPS or US FedEx packages and we will provide overnight delivery to both carriers.


Can I obtain a US address from Chit Chats?

Yes. Chit Chats will supply you with a free US address.


Are there any items I can’t ship to the US with Chit Chats?

Chit Chats strictly complies with all US Customs Rules and Regulations. As a result, some items are prohibited for shipping with Chit Chats to the US. For example, shipments with a retail value of more than $800 USD and products governed by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are prohibited for shipping with Chit Chats. Please contact us directly to confirm whether or not your product is compliant.


Can Chit Chats help increase my sales and automate this process?

Yes! One of our knowledgeable team members will set up an appointment to discuss your current processes with a view of helping you to automate your shipping practices and increase your online sales.


Does Chit Chats offer fulfilment solutions so that I can focus on growing my business?

We offer affordable, reliable fulfillment solutions. Contact us today for more information.