How do I ship a package via International TrackedPlus?
Browse to the bottom to see the rates for all countries. If you wish you can look up the destination in the search bar above the table. Choose the rate corresponding to the desired weight.
Next click on the link above to electronically submit information related to each package you will ship with us prior to your visit. Generate a regular label with a customs declaration form at the bottom. You can do that using any word processor or you can type the information directly on the package. We will charge you the corresponding fees when we receive your package.

How do I find my tracking number(s)?
Tracking numbers are available Tracking will normally be posted after 4pm the day after the parcel is brought to one of our locations.
For parcels brought on a Friday, the tracking will be posted on Monday afternoon.

I have a package going overseas over 2 kgs. Can I use this service?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer a fully tracked service for packages weighing over 2 kgs. For packages over 2 kgs, we recommend splitting your parcel into smaller boxes and tracking each one separately (if possible) or by using the USPS service through Chit Chats Express.

Please note: We will continue to offer full tracking for packages weighing over 2 kgs going to the UK and Ireland.

What is the difference between Full and Partial tracking?
Full tracking: Your package will be processed by DHL, scanned enroute and to the destination country and will include a final delivery scan upon delivery.

Partial tracking: Your package will be processed by DHL, scanned enroute to the destination country but will not include a final delivery scan.

What happened if my international DHL shipment is returned?
Individual countries handle returns persuant to the customs and the postal regulations defined by each country.
In some cases the return may make it back to Canada and in others it will not. There is no guarantee that an international DHL package will be returned to the sender.