International TrackedPlus



Chit Chats Express is pleased to announce the introduction of International TrackedPlus. We have partnered with DHL to now offer our valued customers International Tracking to over 30 Countries Worldwide!!  This partnership will enable us to to give you the same high level of service and savings that you expect from Chit Chats Express.


Key features of International TrackedPlus:

  • Tracked packages starting at $12.50 CAD
  • Final delivery scan to 30+ countries (incl  Australia, Germany, Italy, China and Japan)
  • Insurance (up to $100) included on fully tracked packages
  • Estimated delivery time 7-15 days
  • Weight up to 2 kgs


(Note: Our tracked service to the UK and lreland will remain the same)


Please visit our website for a full list of countries, services and to find out how you can ship using International TrackedPlus today!