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Chit Chats Atlantic Branch

Atlantic Branch

Serving NB, NS, PEI, NFL
Contact: Matthew Melvin

(902) 222-6960

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We save you time and money

We will set you up with the ability to print discounted U.S. postage in Canada and deliver your packages to the United States Postal Service five days a week. Let us help you increase your business sales with our free U.S. address, discounted postage, package tracking and impressive transit times!

U.S. Shipping Prices Comparison

Reduce your shipping expenses to the U.S. by
up to 70% compared to Canada Post.

Item Canada Post Chit Chats
2.99 oz(85 g)
Save 73%
7.05 oz(200 g)
Save 73%
Shaker bottle
14.5 oz(412 g)
Save 75%
Delivery Time 5-7 days 3-5 days
* Postage price estimated in CAD. Taxes and tracking are included.

What people are saying about us

  • Whether you are shipping dozens, hundreds or thousands of pieces per week or per month, you are guaranteed to be saving money and shipping in a timely and efficient manner. I am happy to do business with them and after all these years, call them my friends also.

    Steve Simmons
  • I mainly ship to the United States, and my customers often comment on how quickly they receive their purchases. The customer service is also great and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Chit Chats Express!

    Jen Embleton
  • I was struggling with be able to ship from one destination to the next, Chit Chats stepped up to the plate and helped me significantly in my dilemma. The people there are great and I appreciate all their customer service, they are most definitely top notch at what they do.

    Brian Nugent
  • We used Chit Chats to fulfill around 300 packages. Not only was it much cheaper (saved at least $2k), but the interface made batch printing easy. U.S. packages were tracked with much faster shipping than Canada Post.

    Colin O.

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