Step One:

Please print, review and sign the declaration/acknowledgement and waiver form available via the link below.  Scan the signed document back to and deliver the original to any of our Our locations with first shipments.  Please make sure all fields have been filled out and that the document is witnessed by someone other than the applicant.  Upon receipt of your signed declaration, our team will contact you within 1 business day.

Ontario & Nova Scotia Declaration and Acknowledgement Form (link opens in new window)

Step Two:

Please complete the sign-up form below.

A note about sign-ups:

It takes up to 2 business days for to create your account.  They will send you a Welcome email that contains your user name and password.  You will be required to key in your credit card information at that time.  It is VERY important that you don’t try to associate your Canadian address with your credit card, as their system is setup to accept our US addresses only.   Our US address must remain on their system.  They will accept your credit card information without the associated Canadian address.  Only Chit Chats Express customers will have access to To learn more about how works or how to setup when you recieve your login info, please visit our FAQ here.